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3 Hidden Dangers of Airborne Dust Bunnies

Most people are accustomed to seeing dust bunnies in their homes or workplace. When you think of the name dust bunny, it doesn’t necessarily sound like anything that would be toxic or dangerous. Yet as you read on, you will learn the hidden dangers of dust bunnies in your daily environment and what you can do to protect yourself.

It’s normal to go about your day overlooking dust, since most people’s lives are busy with many things to do. It’s also not unusual to find dust bunnies under your beds, in your closets, or in other places around your home. With dust being a normal part of our lives, we must all be informed of their risks. Check out the four hidden dangers of dust bunnies below and also consider getting a home air purifier to help control your dust bunnies on a continuous basis.

Listed below so you can protect yourself.

1. Dust mites and their wastes.

Dust mites and their waste, can be found in dust bunnies. Since dust bunnies can be easily found in the bedroom, there can be thousands of dust mites in one bedroom living in pillows, comforters and sheets, mattresses, carpet and even in your clothing. They are dangerous because they can trigger dust allergies and even cause asthma in some people. Dust mite allergies can cause cough, runny eyes, sneezing and even severe asthma attacks.

2. Pet dander.

Whether you currently have a pet or have pets around you, pet dander in dust bunnies can set off a host of problems. Pet dander is not only an allergy trigger, but can also serve as a food source for dust mites. Pet dander allergies can cause itchy eyes, coughing, rashes and difficulty breathing in some cases. If this sounds like you take a look at this article on pet air purifiers.

3. Chemical flame retardants.

Chemical flame retardants can be found in dust bunnies since they are found in some clothing, furniture, mattresses, and more. These flame retardants can cause hormone disruptions, infertility, early puberty and birth defects.

Chemical flame

So the next time you see a dust bunny in your presence, remember the hidden dangers of them and safeguard yourself and home by using a vacuum, air purifier, mop or rag to dispose of them. Also remember to promptly change your clothing and make sure you have good air circulation in your living area.